Sams Mania | Narrative

Sam is bipolar and lives alone in his apartment. When he falls into a manic phase, he loses everything. Suddenly he finds himself on the street, the only question left unanswered is, what does his future look like?

The camera concept was to create a realistic view how Sam is feeling. We use settled views when Sam pretends he’s steadfast and self-conscious. on the other hand wide angle shots and a lot of movement when he gets wild and manic. My favorite scene to shoot was when Sam get’s kicked out of the bar. The Director, Actor, 1.AC and me just walked the Langstrasse in Zurich without knowing what’s happening. Saladin Dellers acted his role in such a great way and used the city as a stage and I adapt to him. My biggest challenge was the light the bar scene. I never did it before and learned so much from it. Next time! Difficult where also all the scenes where we just used practicals as light source, mostly happening at night. We were in a rush and didn’t had time to set up any big light setup. So we decided to shoot it with practicals and i have to say, it gives the right mood to the scene. Sometimes less is more.

Camera: :
Panasonic Varicam LT
Lens: :
Angenieux Optimo Zoom, Cooke S2 Speed Panchros, Venus Optic Laowa
Fabio Stecher
Daniel Reich
Mustafa Sert