A REVAIR | Narrative

Yasmin and her 14 year old son Flurin on a snow shoe hike. They meet two exhausted fugitives above the timberline, next to them, their frostbitten older brother. As they decide to risk their own lives to help the fugitives, the whole journey just begins.

The cinematography concept was to keep the camera always locked. In intense and intimate moments we would switch to handheld. We totally underestimated the difficulty of shooting in extreme winter conditions. The idea of not moving the camera mixed with snow was extremely hard. We always had to figure out a way to out-frame the footsteps of the actors between every take. The whole film was shot above the timberline and we weren’t able to use any motorized vehicles for the equipment transport. We could only take what we could carry on our skis. I learned not only that snow, cold and the remote shooting locations make it extremely hard to shoot, I also learned that it’s very difficult to transport the emotions and struggles of surviving into pictures.

Arri Amira
Leitz Thalia
Fabio Stecher
Daniel Reich
Olif Twist
in post production